World’s fattest woman aims to lose 64st after gastric bypass surgery

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Two months ago the world’s fattest woman was flown to Mumbai, India to undergo a gastric bypass surgery in the hopes she could shed her title. However, Eman Ahmed Abdulati said that after the band was fitted, doctors refused to continue caring for her. According to Eman, medics from the Mumbai hospital told the 79st woman that she should return home to Egypt and continue her new diet and rehabilitation programme there. They said there was nothing left they could do for her – a move that infuriated her family. Eman’s sister feared she would slip back into her old habits if left to her own devices and so found another hospital – Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi – who agreed to oversee the rest of her care. When the 36-year-old was admitted to hospital in May she weighed a whopping 79st – over half a tonne. Her goal is to lose 64st and reach the healthier weight of 15st – how much weight she has lost so far has not been disclosed. Woman in India transformed: See what she looks like NOW! Dr Shamsheer Vayalil, the VPS Healthcare managing director who is overseeing the Egyptian woman’s progress, said: “There are two things we want to keep aside – one is the cost as this is a humanitarian approach and the other is weight. “We are taking utmost care like a family member. There has been a lot of sensitivity around her weight issue. We want to ensure the privacy of the patient is respected. “She has reduced [weight], trimmed down and is looking much better. “This will take time and there’s no magic cure. We are willing to walk all that distance with the family.” World’s fattest woman sheds half her weight Shamsheer said they hope Eman will be able to do talks on healthy eating once she has lost the weight and be an ambassador for the obesity epidemic. Once she has lost the remaining weight, Eman will need surgery to her improve her joints which have eroded from the strain they have been under

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