‘What’s your advice for women?’ – Kiwi’s 86kg weightloss revealed on show with Tyra Banks

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‘What’s your advice for women?’ –

Kiwi’s 86 kg weight-loss revealed on show with Tyra Banks

A Kiwi woman who lost 86 kg has appeared on an US entertainment television show with model Tyra Banks to talk about her amazing body transformation.
Less than a year ago Simone Anderson Pretscherer weighed 169 kg, before she made the decision to change to a healthier lifestyle.
She publicly updated her progress on social media, as she dropped to 86 kg with the help of a good diet, exercise, and gastric band surgery.
However, social media users were quick to doubt her radical change, many calling the photos “fake”, before she posted images of her excess skin.
Six days after having tummy tuck surgery to remove excess skin, she was a guest on FabLife and said the reason for documenting her weight loss online was to keep her accountable, but the amount of hate she got was “overwhelming”.
“Where do you think that hate came from? Jealous, or true disbelief?” Banks asked.
“I think a mixture of both … people really couldn’t believe it was the same person, and in that sense it was quite a compliment for me. But in another it really hurt because I had worked really hard and they were trying to bring me down.”
She said as a makeup artist she felt social pressure to be more like the “stick figure models” she was working with.
“No matter what they try to say to you, you can overcome it.”
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