Weight Lost: With Surgery And Determination, Dawn Has Lost 144 Pounds

Gastric bypass surgery

Almost certainly mainly the most acceptable form of weight loss surgery carried out in the western World. We offer perhaps the affordable priced adjustable gastric band cost available in Europe and a fast recovery time following surgery.

gastric Bypass surgery in France

Weight Lost: With Surgery And Determination, Dawn Has Lost 144 Pounds. They basically cut my stomach in half, then put a mesh band around the … to completely reverse the original surgery, and my weight just ballooned. They did a laparoscopic gastric bypass and it worked perfectly. They are very good at this clinic, making sure their patients are successful. They encourage healthy eating and exercise and follow you very closely. Even today, four years post-op, I still visit them yearly. Post-surgery my stomach capacity was quite small, so I was restricted portion-wise, but I still had to make good choices. No sugar, little carbs and tons of protein. In 11 months I lost 103 pounds. I did this by increasing my protein and limiting carbs. This was the easy part. Keeping it off would be the struggle. The Exercise Factor: I have been a consistent gym goer since 2011. When I first started losing the weight I would go for a run at night, in the dark, when nobody could see me and make fun of me. I used to make fun of people who ran and thought I would hate it. I LOVED it and quickly became addicted. I ran my first 5k in 2012, then ran 10k’s, then half marathons, to full marathons and finally an ultramarathon of 56k! I started out thinking that exercise was going to help me lose weight, then I started weightlifting and Cross-Fit and I wasn’t losing any weight. But I was leaning out and getting muscle definition. Now I no longer focus on the number on the scale but on the changes in my body. How my pants fit, the size of my quads and biceps. No more scale shame for me! Read more…