Weight Loss through Hypnotic Gastric Band Works!

Gastric band surgery is the most suitable bariatric surgery carried out in the western World.

We offer probably the affordable priced Lap Band cost accessible in Europe and a fast recovery time following surgery. Best Price gastric bypass surgery

Weight Loss through Hypnotic Gastric Band Works!

A Procedure for Virtual Gastric Band Surgery in Hypnosis. The “Hypno-Band” weight loss system is a proven way to reduce weight through hypnosis.

Gastric band surgery cost less in FranceThe Adjustable Gastric Band

The Adjustable Gastric Band surgery, also known as “Lap Band” surgery, is the least intrusive of them, and it can be removed later if you don’t like it. The procedure is laparoscopic, so it is the least intrusive, with five small incisions, the largest being just over an inch and the remaining are about one centimeter long. A small television camera is inserted showing the patient’s organs on a screen, and the surgeon carries out the operation using instruments inside the patient which he controls remotely. A plastic band is placed around the top of the stomach designed to restrict the amount of food the stomach can hold. You effectively have a new stomach the size of a golf ball. However, the digestive system works normally as food trickles into the rest of the stomach and digestive juices break the food down in the usual way. The band has a tube that can be filled with saline from a port implanted under the skin on the lower belly, so the hole allowing food to filter into the digestive system can be further reduced, or the saline can be taken out, allowing a larger intake. The new stomach fills rapidly and sends messages to the central nervous system saying you are full and don’t need any more food. Read more… facebook like banner