Weight-Loss Surgery May Help Prevent Heart Rhythm Disorder

Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Can reduce risk of Heart Rhythm Disorder

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Scientists from the Mayo Clinic in the USA discover link to cure for heart rhythm disorder 

They found that significantly fewer patients who underwent weight-loss surgery, also known as “bariatric” surgery, developed atrial fibrillation — a rapid and irregular heartbeat. I think we know that bariatric surgery does good things for people from a cardiovascular risk profile,” said Dr. Michael Gold, director of cardiology at Medical University of South Carolina, who wasn’t involved in the research. “Now we’re starting to go downstream from that to look at more long-term impacts . . . and atrial fibrillation is one of those. It’s a logical consequence of what we already know.” “I think this is further evidence that maintaining a normal body weight or weight loss is important for cardiovascular health,” said Gold, who is also second vice president of the Heart Rhythm Society. “It provides further impetus for clinicians to think about bariatric surgery sooner, particularly cardiologists. We can be more proactive in our treatment.” Read more…   facebook like banner

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