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Gastric banding surgery

is in all probability the most acceptable type of weight loss surgery completed around the World.
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From a Post on “bariatric Pal Forum” – Posted September 11, 2014 – 9:08 PM
I was banded on aug 14. Going through the same thing. My dr mentioned the hunger issues stop after about the 4th fill. Today was my first fill and I’m back on liquids then mushies for the week. I found a few specific savory meals help a ton. Fresh and easy sells these Hawaiian turkey burgers I eat by themselves but I have to chew them to mush. The other night my fiancé made ground turkey in spaghetti sauce instead of noodles we had spaghetti squash, I threw a scoop of fat free cottage cheese. I could hardly move I finally felt full and are the correct portion. Also I noticed if I’m not eating very much protein the hunger increases. Walgreens sells these two gulp protein shots that are 30grams!!!!!. If I have one of those 30 min before dinner I think I trick my body. Helps immensely. I also hit a weight loss issue. I’ve stopped at 17pounds. He said after my fourth fill I will really start to notice a change. Good luck

Intragastric Balloon Procedure explained

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