We Are A Society Which Likes Apportion Blame, Who Do You Blame For the State Of Your Health?

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In today’s society it is common place to look for someone to blame when something goes wrong; to point the finger and lay the responsibility at the door of someone else. After all, if they had done their job properly everything would have been fine, wouldn’t it? We even do this in relationships, the bad things that happen are always the fault of the other party or because of some outside circumstances, we never really want to take responsibility for our own actions and reactions to situations and circumstances. It is the same with our health, weight and obesity! The blame is being laid heavily at the door of the food industry, the diet industry, the government, education in schools, the health care service… … the list goes on!! In reality, however, whilst the actions of those bodies do have a heavy impact on us as individuals, blaming them for our individual situation is futile. The truth is that blame is not the issue here; the real issue is responsibility. Blaming oneself for the state of our health can be incredibly detrimental as that can make us feel inadequate, desperate and incapable. Choosing to take responsibility and to decide to make changes for ourselves, regardless of outside influences, is empowering, constructive and uplifting! You cannot afford to wait until the Government and the food and diet industry get their act together and stop producing poor quality food at cheap prices. Blaming THEM will not make YOU miraculously more healthy!! YOU have to decide for yourself and choose to change your lifestyle and your diet! It doesn’t have to be as difficult as it may first seem. The choices YOU make not only affect YOU but everyone around YOU and they also affect future generations of your family!! Blaming others (or yourself) will not change what YOU do and what happens to YOU, YOU will simply become another statistic!! There may be confusing information out there about which diet is best and what type of exercise is best but what is not confusing is that convenience food and a lack of fruit, veg and wholefoods makes YOU sick and overweight!! YOU can decide today to stand up and fly in the face of the norm and make a difference in your own life! There may be huge changes required from the Government and other bodies in order to help to stop this rot spreading any further but what they will do tomorrow will not help YOU today!! There may be evidence that junk food and sugar is addictive but YOU do have the ability to learn to make better choices!! A bag of apples is not more expensive than the multi-pack of crisps YOU always buy! Water is not more expensive than the bottles of cola or juice that YOU buy! It may cost to go to the gym or the local swimming pool but walking is free and is available to everyone, including YOU!! YOU really do have choices, your life is in your hands and you owe it to yourself to make the best of it. Whether you believe in reincarnation or you think we are only here once, we only get to live this particular life once so we may as well make it count and make the best life that we can. When you stop blaming others and give the power back to yourself you will begin to feel amazing, about yourself and about your life!! YOU are worth so much more, you just have decide that you are!!
It’s time to take control of your health and weight, to break free from the diet trap and be the best that you can be! No diets, fads, pills or potions, just simple tools that really work! Take action today with this weight loss/food relationship empowerment course!
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