Tragic mum Jackie died from heart attack after weight loss surgery

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Heartland NHS Hospital Solihull UK

A Solihull woman, who struggled with her weight for years, died due to complications

Tragic mum Jackie died from heart attack after weight loss surgery

Coroner Zafar Siddique recorded a narrative verdict that Mrs O’Shea had died from “a rare but recognised complication of gastric band surgery, abdominal haemorrhaging, which gave rise to cardiac arrest.”

Consultant surgeon Paul Super admitted the operation had “precipitated” the heart attack but said that in the small cases of post-op haemorrhaging he had witnessed, this was the first fatality.

“I have done more than 10,000 laparoscopic operations and I have perhaps seen this five or 6 times,” he said.

“It normally doesn’t lead to cardiac arrest. But she had a severe, undiagnosed heart problem.

“She was a heart attack waiting to happen. We just didn’t know about it.”

Staff nurse Robeena Leigh, who discharged Mrs O’Shea after the operation, said aside from a drop in blood pressure, she had not demonstrated any other signs of internal bleeding, such as abdominal pain or an abnormal heart rate.


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