Top Motivation to Lose Weight – Setting Goals for Yourself

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Top Motivation to Lose Weight – Setting Goals for Yourself

Motivation is something which pushes you forward to reach your goals. And there is no better motivation to lose weight than setting goals for yourself. You need to set goals and targets which you need and plan to achieve in a given time span. It is these goals which sort of create some mental contract with you and in turn pushes you ahead to complete the contract. How successfully you reach your goal depends on what type of goals you set for yourself. If you set too difficult goals to achieve, it only affects your success as you cannot easily reach it as your subconscious mind does not know how to distinguish between big or little. It only recognizes success and failure. Set realistic goals So if you set a weight loss goal of exercising four times a week but only manage to do it thrice, your mind considers this as a failure. To avoid this, set only realistic and easily reachable goals. So whenever you reach a goal, the feeling of success it creates gives you more motivation to complete your other goals to lose weight. First write down all your goals so that you can keep a tab on your goals every now and then to see your progress. Set easy goals so that you feel a sense of accomplishment as you reach each goal. For example, set measurable goals like losing a pound each week as it gives you something easier and reachable to work for. You feel a sense of accomplishment as you reach each goal and this gives you even more motivation to lose weight. It is important that you don’t set goals that are too much to achieve in too short a time span. It not only makes it difficult for you to lose weight, but also creates stress which does not favor weight loss. Inform friends and family for support Telling your friends and family gives you motivational support. They will keep reminding you about your goals, and you thus there is a lesser chance of your diverting from the goals. Similarly, you need to make it a habit to think positively and start replacing thoughts like ‘I can’t’ with words like ‘I will’ and ‘I can’. Instead of setting similar goals all the time, it’s better if you set new and challenging goals. This helps prevent you falling into a normal routine which can become a bore and more like a chore. You can perhaps change your exercise routine like going for a walk twice a week, aerobics twice a week and perhaps swimming another day or two. You thus don’t bored with your exercise, and in fact, look forward to it. So you can see, losing weight involves more than calories and workouts. It is all about how you set your mind frame to keep pushing you ahead to reach your weight loss goals. It’s only with the right motivation to lose weight can you actually lose weight.
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