This Is Us creator breaks down Thanksgiving episode, Randall’s confrontation

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“This Really Is Us” creator breaks Thanksgiving episode details

Thanksgiving is traditionally a time for family members to come together to share a warm, hearty, joyous meal. Or, you know, dish out a healthy serving of confrontation and awkwardness. The Thanksgiving episode of This Is Us brought all the feels — and the family together — for an ultra-charged installment of the NBC drama, mixing moments of warmth and tradition and togetherness and romance and humor with heartbreak and betrayal and confrontation. (Also, there were furnace-roasted cheese dogs.) “Pilgrim Rick” presented us with two decidedly different but interconnected Thanksgivings: In the past, things did not go as planned as the Pearsons embarked on a six-hour road trip to spend T-Day with Rebecca’s mother, someone we will soon spend some time with, and someone who sounds rather intimidating, overbearing, and esteem-shattering. (It also sounds like Grandma and Grandpa need some some photo-taking etiquette lessons, based on Randall’s poignant comment that they always ask him to step out of frame so they can snap a twins-only shot.) The Big Five never made it to their destination; the car broke down, forcing a 3.4-mile walk to a gas station and an overnight stay at the Pinewood Lodge, where Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) transformed some seriously slim pickings into a new, touching, lo-fi holiday tradition involving a Pilgrim hat, Police Academy 3, an unspooling sweater, and the aforementioned hot dogs. Yes, Jack Super Dadded his way into legend again. In the present day, things were a little less charmed. Kate (Chrissy Metz) decided that her differences with Toby (Chris Sullivan) over their eating (and Toby’s overeating) were too great to overcome; she reluctantly informed him that not only would he not be coming home with her for Thanksgiving, but that he wouldn’t be coming home with her at all anymore. However, instead of arriving at Randall’s in gloom, especially after a close call in the turbulent skies, she came in bloom: She optimistically announced to all that she was going to have gastric bypass surgery. Read more…

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