The Reasons for Variation in Weight Loss Among Different People

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The Reasons for Variation in Weight Loss Among Different People

Foods have varying impacts on different persons. We can eat the same food, similar quantities and of the same quality but research has it that the amount of weight we will be gaining from the foods will be absolutely different. Once carbs, for example, are induced into our systems, they are broken down into simple sugars and released into our blood stream. Rate and time taken for these activities vary from person to person. The main reason; however, as to why people gain weight, is simply because they are burning less than what they are taking, hence the body converts and reserve the excess as fat stores. We tend to take more calories than what our bodies can successfully burn resulting in our enormous weight gains. Moreover, weight gain can also be a result of an underlying health complication such as the ones below: Underactive Thyroid – The thyroid gland is responsible for the production and regulation of the thyroid hormones. These are enzymatic catalysts that control the body’s metabolism. These hormones speed up the metabolic activities that require energy, hence ensuring an active being. When the body is deprived of these hormones, metabolism declines causing reduced activity and low ATP energy use. This allows the body to store the excess carbs in form of fats. Diabetes – Failure of the pancreas in production of adequate insulin is what is termed as diabetic. Insulin is the hormone responsible for allowing glucose from the bloodstream to diffuse through the body cells, tissues and organs for energy production hence its absence results in too much sugar in your blood stream. Treatment of diabetics is by directly injecting insulin into the patient’s system to counteract the deficit. However the insulin injected may result into weight gaining scaling. This happens when the patient’s diet does not merge the insulin in his/her system. Meaning she/he is taking more than what the body burns. Aging – Metabolism gradually slows with age. Once old age creeps in, we tend to be less active. During this time, we tend to lose much of our muscles. Muscles are the main sites of calorie burning. When we lose muscles, we are restricted to a reduced calorie burning. Suppose your diet doesn’t change, you are eating the same and drinking at the same level that you were used to when you were little younger. This will mean your body is storing the unutilized calories and hence weight gain. Use of steroid – Corticosteroids are drugs for Asthma and arthritis. A prolonged use of steroids leads to weight gains. This is from a Health research. This is so because the drugs tend to up your appetite. Most patients’ on this medication tend to eat more than what their bodies burn. The best weight loss tip here is always to be extra careful on what you eat while on this dosage. Stress and moods – Stress has varying impacts to different people. A good number of people will resort to eating as a solution to easing their stress out. Depending on a person’s personality one may gain or loss weight at stressing times. Weight gain while you are depressed to be further your depression. This will make you gain even more weight. Finding the best formulae to curb your state is the ideal solution. Taking a friend out or indulging to your favorite sports can be the best solution. Lack of adequate sleep – Sleep gives time to your body to repair itself, rest and ensures a steady continuous metabolism. Denying your body enough time to sleep (8 hours a day) may result to weight gains that are from health research. People who sleep less have been found to having less leptin which is responsible of keeping you full and a more raised level of ghrelin-hunger stimulating hormone which makes them eat a lot to quench their appetite. In this case, getting adequate sleep is one of the best tips for weight loss. OEDEMA-fluid retention – These refer to the accumulation of fluids in the body and failure or reduced ability of the body in getting rid of the mess that could result to weight gain. These results to swelling of some body parts such as the ankle or the thigh. The swelling can be as a result of a prolonged standing, hormones released during the menstrual periods or due to an organ failure in the body. The best you ought to do is to see your medical practitioner for directives on what to do. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) – Women with this condition tend to gain much more weight. The condition is hormone related and is as a result of the insulin and testosterone in the body. The hog in it is that the more these women gain weight, the more insulin is produced hence a progressive weight gaining scale. Conclusion Losing weight depends on a number of things and apart from the aforementioned underlying health condition, the difference amounts of efforts people put in weight loss exercises can also help to determine the amount of weight loss in individuals.
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