The grandmother who spent 35000 to transform her appearance: Botox, cheek fillers, face lift …

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The grandmother who spent £35,000 to transform her appearance:

Botox, cheek fillers, face lift, liposuction, breast reduction, gastric band – India Buchan has had it all but

For India Buchan, the photo of the beaming grey-haired granny is that of a stranger. It’s certainly hard to imagine that India has anything in common with her.

For, while the granny is visibly overweight, with a lined face and cropped silvery hair, India looks 20 years younger, has a slim, curvy figure, smooth skin, cheekbones that Sophia Loren would envy and a mane of glossy brown locks. Yet, as impossible as it might seem, India and the granny are the same person.


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