The grandmother who spent 35000 to transform her appearance: Botox, cheek fillers, face lift …

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The grandmother who spent 35000 to transform her appearance: Botox, cheek fillers, face lift …India sat at her computer and researched what she felt was required. Number one was a gastric band operation.

Four years ago, she was so ashamed of her 16st, size-22 body and 42FF bust that she found herself putting on a coat to go to the ladies’ loo in a restaurant. It led her to decide to completely change her appearance.

That decision resulted in India, a 54-year-old marketing manager, spending a staggering £35,000 on surgery and beauty treatments which she says have taken years off her looks and left her a much happier woman.

Even though some say the grandmother-of-seven has gone way too far in her quest, she remains utterly unrepentant. ‘I know some people criticise me and say I look too “done”, but I love the way I look. It makes me happy and that’s the important thing,’ she insists.

India is so proud of her new, size-8 figure, including her 36E breasts, that the living room of her three-bedroom, Tudor-style detached house is dominated by a huge framed nude photo of herself.

Snaps of her from before her super- expensive transformation have been banished to the loft. In any case, she says, she hated her looks so much that there are only a handful in existence.


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