The Challenge in Losing Weight

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The Challenge in Losing Weight

One of the major challenges of people who would want to lose weight is how to start to lose weight. Why is this so? I personally know how hard this is because ever since I was young, I never bothered about my figure or how I look. Even when I started to fall in love, court women, I never saw the need and its importance in order for me to be able to get that sweet YES of the woman I fell in love with. I always told myself that if a person loves me, they would accept me no matter what I look or how I may appear. It took me a while before I came to realize that there is a difference and a big difference at such between people who go and exercise and people who do not at all bother to keep their body fit and healthy. I have realized when I attended the Kerygma Conference last November 2010 that you have to love yourself and exercising is one manifestation of loving yourself. I got blown away by this particular teaching that I thought loving myself means eating what I want, and doing what I want. Eventually, I found this line of thought wrong. So I told myself I would start to love myself and start losing weight. Another critical event in my life is when one of my former colleagues told me that women would not like me because of my appearance and that if I wanted to get into relationships that are lasting, the only way to do it is to lose weight and become slim. So what are the challenges that I have encountered in my journey to lose weight? I bet that most people have experienced the same and among of the struggles / challenges are the following:
  • The motivation in losing weight
  • The reason to lose weight
  • The determination to lose weight
Motivation In everything that we do, we would always have that motivation that would fire up and fuel what we are doing. When we are eager to get slim, the first thing that we have to do is to have that motivation to do it. It is not easy as I have met several people who would always put losing weight as part of their New Year’s Resolution but then, it has been a part of their yearly list but it has never come into reality. Eventually, they find themselves putting it in their list again the succeeding year. Reason People often say that any task that you would want to accomplish must have sufficient reason or what others would call value in order for you to be able to fulfill it. One must see the value of why they need to do this. I myself admit that the first time I tried this, I never saw the value in it but simply to be able to court women and have a girlfriend that would love me entirely and not be disgusted or ashamed of how I look. But then, I found myself doing it for the wrong reasons. Now, there is this one specific reason for me to do this and this has added value to what I am doing… LOVE OF SELF. Since I love myself, I would need to take care of my body. Taking care of my body means I would need to ensure that my body is healthy and face it, I am not growing any younger. As I come of age, I get prone to more health risks and I could not endure imagining myself with heart disease or even as a person that had a stroke and half of my body is paralyzed. I could not bear that thought, and that struggle that I saw when I was taking care of my grandmother who got paralyzed because of stroke. Determination Everyone would say that successful people are those who are determined with what they do and thus, if you have been able to find your motivation and your reason to lose weight, your determination in losing weight would simply follow. This is what other successful people would call as your commitment to your goal. Commit yourself to losing weight, have that commitment to keep yourself healthy, and commit to loving yourself. All these would fall into place as you see yourself towards that path of shedding off those unwanted fats. For me, these are the main challenges that people would face when it comes to losing weight. I know that I may not be 100% correct but then, these were the challenges that I have encountered in my journey towards weight loss.
Losing weight is not easy as you would need to have the motivation, reason, and determination in order for you to be successful in it. If you really want to lose weight, find out what your motivation, reason, and determination is.
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