Taking Action with a Gastric Sleeve or Lap Band in France May be the Best Cure for the …

A gastric Band is a special inflatable band which is placed around the top portion of the patient’s stomach, creating a small pouch that limits or reduces the amount of food which you are able to eat at any one time.

Low cost gastric band surgery in France is provided by our hospitals in Northern France.

Affordable gastric bypass surgery

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Well the good news is that we can now help you to arrange finance for surgery. We have made arrangements with a leading UK Finance house for our clients to obtain unsecured loans for cosmetic surgery and weight loss surgery. Taking Action with a Gastric Sleeve or Lap Band in Beverly Hills May be the Best Cure for the … Fortunately, a gastric sleeve procedure or a lap band can now be accessed by anyone from the UK or Ireland at Hospitals in France because of the many options for transport from all areas of the UK to Hospitals in Le Havre Northern France. You now travel by Air from most regional airports, By road and Ferry from anywhere in the UK or Ireland, or by Eurostar if you live in the SE of England. Read more… facebook like banner