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How to Slim down Without Trying

Would you like to easily shave off pounds and slim down, starting today? The idea of losing weight can be terrifying to some women because it brings up images of tiny portions, bland food and most of all, hunger pains. Hunger pains can be tough to overcome, especially if you are just starting out with losing weight. What if I tell you that there are ways to cut back on the calories without restrictive dieting? Don’t believe me? Check out these superb tips that are guaranteed to make you say “why didn’t I think of that?” helene-before-after-video-screenshotTip #1: Savor the Flavors Mothers everywhere will agree that eating slowly is the way to go. Apart from being good table etiquette, eating slowly can help you lose weight consistently. How can eating slowly help cut down the calories? It’s very simple: our brains need at least 20 minutes to send a signal that you are full and satisfied with a meal. Within this crucial time period, you need to stick to your target portions and serving sizes and wait for your brain to tell you that you are full. Setting a 20-minute timer during your main meals can help you develop a slower and better eating pace. I know that this might sound tough for people who eat burritos or sandwiches while driving, but do try it at least once per day and you will see your food consumption drop. The best thing about this “timing exercise” is you’re going to feel more satisfied with each meal because you gave your brain enough time to send the “fullness signal!” Tip #2: Add 1 Hour of Sleep This might sound odd, but research shows that an additional hour of sleep every night can help you drop more than 10 pounds every 12 months. Researchers aren’t completely sure why the statistics are adding up, but they have two theories as to why this is happening: The first theory is that the extra hour of sleep reduces your chances of consuming extra calories. Sleep also burns a modest amount of calories so it does help you curb excess energy in its own way. Take note however that chronic oversleeping is not healthy and will not give you a weight loss advantage! The second theory is that having a longer sleep each night reduces your appetite level when you wake up. Experts recommend at least 7 hours of sleep every night. It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager or adult. 7 hours of sound, uninterrupted sleep can do wonders for your weight! Tip #3: Eat a Variety of Veggies If you are changing your diet to lose weight, chances are your mind is secretly (or openly) resisting your new food choices. Just imagine: where there was always a cheeseburger now rests a plate of fresh salad. You then take a look at your evening glass and find freshly juiced veggies and not soda. The diet and lifestyle changes are palpable and not many people find their situations funny. Yes – the experience of shifting to another diet can be frustrating at times! If you are having a rough time because you need to eat more vegetables, you may find it easier to eat these great superfoods if you prepare at least three vegetables in every meal. By ensuring variety in every veggie meal, you will be able to overcome the initial resistance to eating vegetables. Don’t worry: a lot of people don’t like vegetables. With fast food and endless restaurant chains around the cities, it’s not hard to see why people are drawn to fast food. Don’t worry though: the more you eat vegetables, the better they will taste over time. Your body (and mind) will eventually get used to the inclusion of veggies to your daily meals. One day you will surprise yourself because you feel genuine satisfaction as you eat your wholesome meals at home! Tip #4: Powerful Soups Soups (especially clear soups) are packed with great flavors and not calories. This is why I highly recommend having soup in every meal because it helps fill up your stomach without adding too many calories. When your stomach is filled partially before the main course, your appetite level will drop and you will not be tempted to get second or third helpings. Clear soups like the ones served in Japanese or Chinese restaurants can be prepared easily at home and can be seasoned just the way you like them. Add herbs or tofu if you like. Own your soup! However, I do have to warn everyone about the dangers of putting too much salt in food. Excess salt in your food can cause water retention, which can cause steady weight gain.
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