Sleeve Gastrectomy Eliminates Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms, Suggests New Studies

The Gastric Sleeve

gastric sleeve surgery in france costs less than it does in the UK

Gastric Sleeve surgery in France

A gastric Sleeve is a special operation which reduces the size of the top portion of the patient’s stomach that limits or reduces the amount of food which you are able to eat at any one time. Affordable gastric Sleeve surgery in France is provided by our hospitals in France who will fit a surgical Lap band around your stomach which is adjustable, which enables the Practitioner to either inflate the band to tighten it or deflate it to loosened the band to help. Performed entirely through the use of laparoscope, Dr. Feiz’ sleeve gastrectomy treatment gives patients a powerful tool to conquer their obesity. In many cases, Dr. Feiz has personally seen a full end to type 2 diabetes symptoms. Looking through his site’s amazing Patient Stories pages reveals the personal side of weight loss surgery and how the gastric sleeve is changing lives. Dr. Feiz also believes after-care cannot be understated enough; he offers the services of a dedicated support staff and nutritionist to all of his patients, in addition to being personally accessible to patients in their times of need.   Read more…         facebook like banner

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