Sharon osbourne gastric band

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Sharon Osbourne Gastric Band

In 1999 Sharon underwent laparoscopic adjustable gastric band surgery, in which a gastric band was placed around the top part of her stomach to limit the amount of food that she could eat. Sharon went on to become an eight stone, size 10, from her original weight of 16 stone and a size 22. Five years after surgery however, Sharon confessed that she was struggling with her gastric band. “I keep trying to eat more and more” she confessed. Although eating too much with a gastric band in place is painful and can make you very sick; Sharon would be sick and then begin bingeing again. With the gastric band still in place in 2005, Sharon managed to gain 15 pounds. With the ten year life expectancy of the band coming up and the problems she was facing with it, Sharon decided to have the band removed. Read more…   facebook like banner