Shantell Bennett of Beauty and the band proudly posts bikini pictures after losing 50 kilos to get …

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Shantell Bennett, 24, of Riverstone in Sydney’s west has taken a stand against an online troll who told the size 18 mother-of-one to ‘stick to a one piece’ after she posted a photo of herself in a bikini online

‘You should stick to a one piece’: Woman proudly posts bikini pictures online after losing 50 kilos to get down to a size 18 – only to be cruelly body shamed by trolls

  • Shantell Bennett, 24, posted a size 18 bikini photo on her weight-loss page
  • An online troll commented and said she should ‘stick to a one piece’
  • Ms Bennett has hit back and taken a stand against body shaming
  • The mother-of-one said the negativity only motivated her to reach her goals
  • Ms Bennett underwent weight-loss surgery in April this year
  • Combined with diet and exercise she has lost more than 50 kilograms
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‘You should stick to a one piece’.

It took Shantell Bennett more than five months to lose 50 kilograms, but it took an online troll just 30 seconds and one cruel comment to shake her confidence.

The mother-of-one from Riverstone in Sydney’s west proudly posted a photo of herself in a hot pink, pineapple print bikini on her weight loss page, after getting down to a size 18.

But rather than damaging her newfound self esteem, Ms Bennett told Daily Mail Australia the bully had encouraged her to work harder and take a stand against body shaming.

‘It’s so wrong for people to body shame, whether they’re fat or skinny,’ Ms Bennet, 24, said.

‘My photo’s been shared by a lot of women who messaged me and said it [the negative comment] upset them as well.

‘It gives them a reason for why they’re so self-conscious, that people like this actually exist.

‘But it doesn’t make me too upset, it makes me more motivated to not just reach my goals but become more confident.

Ms Bennett’s weight loss journey started in April this year when she underwent lap-band and plication surgery.

A diet of fast-food and takeaway had seen a ‘miserable and depressed’ Ms Bennett reach 164 kilograms, and no amount of dieting worked to shift the weight.

After she underwent her weight-loss surgery it took six weeks before she could start to eat normally again, but even now Ms Bennett can only eat small portions of protein, vegetables and fruit

She combined her healthy diet with an intense exercise regime, working out with a personal trainer twice a week, attending boot camp and hitting the gym.

With her fiancé John Hill and 20-month-old baby Charlie as her motivation, Ms Bennett began to lose the weight.

She started a Facebook page, Beauty and the band, to share her journey.

Originally I wanted to do it because I wanted to be accountable and share it with friends,’ she said.

‘People on weight-loss support groups and especially people that had had weight-loss surgery started liking it and I got more popular.

‘More people started messaging me saying I inspired them … it definitely helped a lot especially if I’m tempted to miss a work-out it really inspires me because people are counting on me in a way.

While she had posted ‘more confronting’ photos of herself before her bikini shot, Ms Bennett said the recent trolling incident was a first.

‘It was upsetting, but I have so much love and support,’ she said.

‘A lot of people have shared their own personal stories of someone bullying them.’

Ms Bennett said sharing her journey had encouraged other women to embrace body confidence, with some even saying they planned on buying the same hot pink, pineapple print bikini.

‘Women usually think its other women that judge them,’ she said.

‘I know personally for me I’m more self-conscious around women, so for other women to say I look great was more confidence as well.’

Ms Bennett said while she had experienced physical change, weight loss was a mental journey as well.

‘When I said I was planning on getting weight-loss surgery people thought it was the easy way out, but it’s not,’ she said.

‘And working on my fitness and my mental state has really inspired other people.’

By Lauren Grounsell For Daily Mail Australia
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