Rishi, four, loses 2st with op: Sweet-toothed youngster has extreme surgery after tipping the scales …

Gastric Bypass Surgery for Boy of 4

A boy of four, believed to be the youngest person in the world to have weight-loss surgery, has lost 13kg (2st) six months after his operation.

Rishi Khatau had ballooned to 44kg (7st) and was wearing large adult T-shirts and 92cm (36in) waist trousers when doctors performed a gastrectomy – where they cut away nearly three-quarters of his stomach.

The surgery has the same effect as a gastric band and doctors took the decision to carry out the £3,000 operation only after Rishi failed to shed weight on an enforced diet and exercise regime.

But having been forced to ditch his favourite jalebi treats – a coil of batter coated in syrup – for a semi-solid diet of soup and juice, he’s finally shedding the pounds.

And he is keeping the weight off by playing cricket and cycling with friends.

Mrs Khatau, of Kolkata, India: said: ‘I don’t think we were to blame by giving him food.

‘He’d beg and beg for more food. He never felt

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