Relationships are Key to Successful Weight Loss

Gastric band surgery is doubtless the most customary type of weight loss surgery carried out in the western World.

Gastric band surgery cost less in FranceWe offer probably the affordable priced gastric band cost accessible in Europe and a fast recovery time after surgery. Relationships are Key to Successful Weight Loss Following adjustable gastric banding surgery, patients achieve weight loss partly because the device prevents them from eating as much as before.

The Gastric Band Restricting Mechanism

Adjustable gastric band limits the amount of food patients ingest by reducing the size of the stomach. The adjustable gastric band is inserted in the abdomen  through a single incision made just above the umbilicus, which reduces pain, provides better cosmetic results and often allows patients to return home the same day as surgery. Dr. B places a hollow, silicone gastric band around the upper part of the stomach to create a small pouch that slowly allows food to pass through, reducing the amount of food patients eat at one time and slowing digestion. The adjustable gastric band connects to a small access port placed below the skin in the abdominal wall, via connection tubing. The surgeon decides on the post-surgical experience to each patient’s dietary needs and weight-loss goals by controlling the size of the upper pouch, which he manages by inflating or deflating the band. “Each patient likes a different level of restriction. Some like it exceptionally tight, so they know the band prevents them from eating too much, Others want to know it’s there, but their eating habits change less noticeably. We can make adjustments to the band over a long period of time — even five years following surgery — allowing a greater degree of customization than sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass, which provide no degrees of customization after the procedure.” Following adjustable gastric band placement, our support team works with patients to identify optimal band tightness to meet their particular comfort level by adjusting the level of the volume of saline solution contained in the adjustable gastric band. The Surgeons relationship with the patient is the Key to a successful outcome of the procedure. Read more…   facebook like banner