Recovery Time a Top Concern for Gastric Bypass, Lap Band and Gastric Sleeve Patients Preparing …

Gastric banding surgery is in all probability the most commonly known type of obesity surgery carried out Worldwide.

We are pleased to offer the competitively priced gastric banding cost available in Europe and a fast recovery time following surgery.

At our Hospitals in Le Havre, Northern France recover times following gastric band surgery are very good. Following Surgery you will stay in a Private Ward overnight to enable the nursing staff to monitor your progress and ensure that there are no complications. The following morning you will be seen by a Doctor who check on your progress and ensure that you are ready for discharge from the hospital.

You will then be transferred back to the Hotel where you will spend another day and night resting. The following morning the Surgeon will visit you for a check up and ensure that you are able to travel back to the UK. He will also give you enough medication and anything else you may require whilst travelling home. He will also make sure that you understand your diet plan and how to follow the recommended recover plan.

Once you arrive home you will be advised to rest for a few days and get used to your diet plan. Recover times vary depending on your personal circumstances and general health.

In many cases people are able to resume work within one week of having surgery.

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