Recent Interview with Lisa Lampanelli is Further Proof that Weight Loss Surgery Can Spur Major …

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 16, 2015

“I turned back the clock, I’m reliving my life” 53 year-old insult comic Lisa Lampanelli told Yahoo! Beauty in a June 18 interview about her life after a successful gastric sleeve procedure two years ago. Big changes that go beyond weight loss do often happen with successful bariatric patients, notes Dr. Feiz and Associates. They note that while losing weight doesn’t address every problem in a person’s life, in the best cases it can help spur positive changes. Lisa Lampanelli, who lost more than 100 pounds with her procedure, is going back to school by taking drama classes at Yale and says that she is undergoing major spiritual and emotional transformations for the better. While this is just one example of a successful bariatric patient, Dr. Feiz & Associates note that many other people tend to pair their surgical weight loss with other types of positive personal change.

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