Prevent and Avoiding Childhood Obesity

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One in every three children is either overweight or obese. This figure is astounding when you look at all the countries suffering from childhood obesity (and see their lax methods in dealing with the problem). The Government, health authorities and parents must develop a sustainable solution to help the children. There is no doubt that a major problem exists and it can be seen everywhere. The damage caused to children is the fault of fast food outlets, television, computers, iPads and video games. While these are all brilliant inventions, they lead to childhood obesity. We must realize the causes in order to develop a genuine solution. How many parents, who profess to love their children, lead by example? Do you know where and what your children are doing right now? Many parents don’t. Often obesity runs in the family. It is often parents that set a bad example by over indulging in unhealthy, fattening food. As such, their children are never given a healthy upbringing. Studies have shown that obesity in children is much more common if they have obese parents. However, there is a very simple solution to the obesity epidemic. It begins with the parents. It is the parent’s responsibility to love and cherish their children and to lead by example. When a child is born, is it best to breast feed the baby before changing to a mix feed. When the child is growing, exercise and an active lifestyle are very important. Simple things make a big difference. For example, families can go to the park or the woods, fields, beaches, sports clubs, and other locations. Allow time for television and the computer, but limit it. There are so many ways to avoid childhood obesity, but it is a mater of education by the parents (they need to make such things clear for their children). While doctors and the Government can do a lot, it must begin with the parents. While genes, environmental factors, emotions, depression and age may play a part in childhood obesity, it is down to parents to be loving, kind and understanding toward their children. It is the duty of a parent to do such things for their children. Do not allow overeating, inactivity or fast food to become the norm in your home. It will lead to childhood obesity. Avoid it like the plague. Fast foods outlets are very dangerous to our health, so avoid them as much as possible. There is no magic pill to losing weight and becoming healthy, but it is possible to change your lifestyle. You also have to change your thinking, as well as that of the obese child. Explanations of the dangers should be given to the child until they understand the issues well enough to change their habits around sugary, salt-laden and processed foods. Begin to make exercise fun instead of making it boring and painful. Children should perform at least 30 minutes of moderate activity each day. For children to get excited about exercising, parents have to be excited first. Parents need to be active with their children. Children copy what they see, so parents must to be a positive influence. Children have a short attention span (about 20 minutes when it comes to fitness) so exercise needs to be fun and interesting, to make physical activity attractive. Children fatigue quickly and become overheated (and dehydrated), so you don’t need to make exercise sessions long. The childhood obesity menace needs to be combatted effectively, and there is a way to do it (as outlined above). To help prevent childhood obesity, please consider printing out a copy of this article and passing it to a friend or relative. Oliver Brendan Greene was diagnosed with obesity about eight years ago after fighting a weight issue for more than fifteen years. His weight issues began when he became a little overweight, but thought it was nothing too serious. He later became fat and this deteriorated into clinical obesity a few years later. After a very serious illness and near loss of his life in 2008, Greene became determined to lose the weight. At this time, he faced the facts of his laziness and unhealthy lifestyle and made a decision to change. His website, tells his story of gaining and losing weight. It conveys the ideas and measures that were needed to overcome the menace of being fat, obese or overweight. His mental attitude and zest for life will inspire anyone in their own fight against the menace of obesity. Article Source: Read more…

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