Overweight Men and the Looming Dangers of Prostate Cancer

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Overweight Men and the Looming Dangers of Prostate Cancer
The prostate is a gland that helps men produce fluids that carry sperm from the body. Prostate cancer is a common cancer that affects men. However, if you detect the symptoms early and administer quick treatment, you have a very good chance of recovering from it. But prevention is always better than a cure. In other words, you need to avoid putting your place in a position where this disease can easily thrive and put your life at risk. Overweight men are more likely to be diagnosed and die from this disease than men who keep down their weight to a minimum by watching what they eat. This is the starting point if you want to avoid developing this disease-eat healthy. For instance, red meat contains saturated fat, if you have to eat pork ribs, ground beef, sausages, luncheon meats and high fat meats, do it minimally. It is better to stick to lean protein sources like turkey, fish and chicken breasts. Researchers have found that excessive fat that surrounds the prostate gland provides a favourable environment for the disease to thrive. So you need to eat foods that would not allow you accumulate fat. And need to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and get rid of the fat as well. Fat is required by the human body. But if you are overweight you stand the risk of attracting heart diseases, diabetes and of course this gland cancer. A study was conducted on over 700 patients with this disease who had undergone the process of prostatectomy. The researchers carried out extensive tests to determine the relation between the body mass indexes of the patients alongside the potential of having cancer. What was discovered was that the men who died of this sickness were 50% over their appropriate weight. In other words, males with high Gleason scores showed a rapid duplication for cancer cells. Those with a score of 5 or lower showed a lower tendency for the cells to spread. This is ample proof that obesity contributes to this cancerous disease. Besides eating healthily and exercising, you need to adopt a lifestyle that would keep you from ending up on the treatment table. If you are having problems peeing and waking up too many times in the middle of the night to use the toilet, you need to see a doctor immeditately. All hope is not lost when you discover that you have this seemingly dreaded disease, you can still fight it and survive. 1000’s of men are treated for swollen prostates as a precaution. Some of these measures are found in supplements and natural foods. These supplements or foods are not a solution to cancer but they help increase your chances of avoiding this disorder altogether. It is crucial that you have your prostate gland checked every year once you are in your mid-thirties. Early detection is very important and boosts your chances of the disease not spreading all over your body.

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