Overweight and Obesity Sufferers – Raw Food Could Be Your Answer

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Overweight and Obesity Sufferers – Raw Food Could Be Your Answer Statistics for 2013 show alarming figures for overweight and obese adults. According to the American Heart and Stroke Association for the year 2013 there were almost 155 million American adults over the age of 20 who were either overweight or obese. Weight problems are not only an issue for those in the US but for citizens of many countries all around the world (where food is plentiful). Perhaps more people should take action. Angela Stokes Monarch, a morbidly obese woman in her early twenties took much needed action by adopting the raw vegan diet.
Angela Stokes Monarch Angela Stokes Monarch suffered from morbid obesity as a teenager and a young adult and topped a massive 294lbs (133kg) in her early twenties. Angela also suffered from other health problems likely related to her obesity including an over-active thyroid, a candida overgrowth, embarrassing acne and a diabetes scare. In 2002 Angela Stokes took action. She did not want to be defeated by her enemy (obesity), she wanted to conquer this demon and live her life to the full. Therefore, after reading a raw food book lent to her by a friend, Angela could see what she needed to do. “I made up my mind to go 100% raw the very next day,” Angela says. How safe is weight loss on the raw food diet? The answer to that depends on how well-planned ones diet is. All essential nutrients can easily be obtained (in abundance) on the raw food diet if a person engages in raw foodism in a sensible, well-planned and well-informed manner. Angela Stokes knew this from reading her book, so she ensured that she ate a wide variety of raw foods to get all essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins and proteins in her diet. Angela’s Success: Angela Stokes Monarch lost over 155lbs (70kg) on the raw food diet. For almost a decade now she has remained at a healthy weight of 138lbs (62kg). Angela is not alone in experiencing weight loss on the raw vegan diet – many others have also achieved similar experiences by undergoing this miraculous healing diet. About Weight Loss On The Raw Vegan Diet: Since plant-based foods are mostly naturally low in fat and calorie content – a person can consume large amounts of these raw foods whilst still losing weight. Raw uncooked foods provide the body with optimal amount of nutrients, thereby enabling an overall healing of the body. This diet includes fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouts, juices, dehydrated crackers and breads, raw treats such as date and nut brownies, raw cacao (super healthy chocolate!) etc. Without heavy dairy products, hard-to-digest meats and fatty, overcooked meals, a person’s body can experience a complete detoxification and give its attention to shedding any excess body fat. Yes, weight loss on the raw vegan diet is very real. Many have lost weight on this lifestyle and every year, more and more overweight and obese persons are adopting raw foodism to regain their health and restore their body to its ideal state.
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