Obesity surgery costs NHS £9m in Devon over five years

Gastric band surgery is probably the most acceptable type of obesity surgery in the World.

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Obesity surgery costs NHS £9m in Devon over five years.

The number of people having weight-loss surgery from the NHS in Cornwall shows that the number of gastric band, gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgeries is on the increase Shelley Cooper, 48, from Plymouth, had a gastric bypass seven years ago. She used to weigh 29 stone and the gastric band helped her to lose 11 stone. “For years I didn’t want to have an operation. I do not regret having the operation at all. It was worth it. I will come back and be a productive member of society after losing the weight,” she said. A spokesman for NHS England (South) said weight loss surgery is only considered when all other non-invasive measures like low calorie diets and behaviour therapies have been unsuccessful. He said for these patients, bariatric surgery has been shown to be highly cost effective in reducing BMI and the associated health problems. Read more…   facebook like banner

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