Obesity Help: Desperate for Change?

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Obesity Help: Desperate for Change?

On the inside, are you screaming at the top of your lungs, “Help me overcome obesity?” Are you at the point where you are ready to pull out your hair? Are you stuck in feelings of disappointment and shame, blocking the light of a positive future? Do you desperately want a positive change with your weight and overall health?
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To get the obesity help you want, you must first stop the insanity of continuing to engage in the same behaviors over and over again while expecting a different result. We are constantly looking to an outside coach or therapist for advice on how to change, but the most powerful and truthful answers always lie within ourselves. You are your own best therapist and expert. Most of us who struggle with our weight use food and high-calorie beverages to numb the uncomfortable feelings of frustration, shame, guilt, dissatisfaction and loneliness. The best solution is to learn how to empower yourself by going with in. The answers are within each of us; we simply need to learn to listen to ourselves and be self-aware of what our minds are trying to tell us. The painless and rewarding process of self-empowerment begins with the steps outlined below. Your reflections and answers to these questions will raise your awareness of uncomfortable feelings and help you to sit, meditate and work through those feelings without unnecessary foods or unhealthy beverages. You can learn to feed your body only what it needs.
Obesity Help Self-Empowerment Process: 1. Having awareness of what you are feeling and the reactions that follow are crucial. Throughout the day, pay attention to those moments you are eating without being physically hungry. What are you feeling during these times? 2. When you become aware that you are reaching for food or alcoholic or high-calorie beverages but are not really physically hungry, stop for a moment and meditate on the feelings that are driving you to eat. 3. Remove yourself from all distractions and sit in a quiet place. 4. Become familiar with the current feeling by asking yourself a series of questions: • Where is the feeling in my body? • Does it have a color? • How intense is it on a scale of one to ten? • What does it need to know or say to go away? After hearing the answer to this question, check back in to see how much the intensity of the feeling has decreased. Continue to repeat this last question to yourself until the feeling goes away or decreases to the point where the urge to eat vanishes.
Emotional eating and over-eating are two of the largest contributors to obesity. Empowering yourself by self-regulating your feelings is one of the most impactful choices you will make in getting the obesity help you want. If you are ready to bypass the hurdles of shame and disappointment or feelings of hopelessness that have developed from repeated efforts of losing weight with few or no results, then you can begin a new journey: taking ownership of your choices and accepting that you have the ability right now to change. Obesity help begins right now by incorporating the above four steps daily and experiencing all the rewarding feelings that come with self-empowerment.
Prudence Ticknor is passionate about assisting others in letting go of their excess weight. Through the methods she teaches, she has lost over seventy pounds. She understands firsthand what it takes to make the change. Prudence has co-authored a book, Mind over Eating, and provides an online program that will guide you from pain and feelings of helplessness to a life full of abundance. Her motto is: “When you change your mind, your body will follow!”
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