Obese woman sheds 12st with gastric band and meets the man of her dreams

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Obese woman sheds 12st with gastric band and meets the man of her dreams.

A woman who has shrunk to almost half her body weight after having gastric band surgery has said that being obese made her fear for her life When I was 22 I was working as a nanny. Working with children all day was heartbreaking. My weight meant that I’d never had a period and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to conceive. ‘I was meant to have an ultrasound scan when I was 15 but I was so embarrassed by my size that I never went back to get the results.’ Wolfe has since discovered she has polycystic ovary syndrome, which could affect her chances of having children. She said: ‘I felt as if my overeating had already cast a permanent shadow over my life and I couldn’t allow it to get any worse. ‘I was one step away from contracting diabetes, maybe even dying – it had to stop.’ The final straw came on fireworks night in 2011, when Lucy overheard two lads sneering at her form and calling her names. She said: ‘It’s not like I didn’t know what people were saying about me – you can’t be that size and expect people not to comment – but it was so degrading and hurtful, I could’ve died there and then. ‘I was determined to make it my final humiliation.’ She sought advice from her GP and was told she could have gastric band surgery. She decided to have the operation done privately, with the procedure taking placing in October 2012. She said: ‘I went under the knife in a last chance bid to be happy, but it wasn’t without its struggles. ‘I tore my muscles apart from exercising too soon after surgery and was hospitalised for a week. ‘It was a mental challenge too. I’d tune into cookery programs and drive myself insane watching all the mouth-watering dishes I was missing out on.’ Before the operation, Wolfe would tuck into a portion of toast and a bacon sandwich for breakfast. For lunch, she would devour two jacket potatoes topped off with a tin of beans and a pile of grated cheese. She would snack on a cheese and ham sandwich with crisps, and for dinner she would often get through a Chinese takeaway meal for two by herself. Now, she eats a small bowl of cereal for breakfast, a healthy ham salad wrap for lunch, and a nutritious home-cooked meal of stuffed peppers for dinner. The weight started falling off and in the first year after the gastric band operation, she lost a staggering nine stone. She lost another three stone in the six months that followed, meaning her total weight loss was an impressive 12stn. From an article in the Mail OnLine…. Read more…

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