Obese Teen Admits To Binging On Junk Food, Pleads For Weight Loss Surgery [Video]

Gastric Band Surgery

Is probably accepted as being the most acceptable type of obesity surgery completed All over the World. compare best price gastric band surgery. An obese 15-year-old girl recently spoke out about her junk food. Now, she wants to do something about her debilitating addiction. According to the Mirror, Brooke Taylor reportedly weighs about 250 pounds, and she’s struggled to shed the extra pounds all her life — but to no avail. So, now she wants to take a different approach in order to get the job done. She is pleading for Gastric band NHS Human Services to assist her with having the gastric band surgery. During a recent interview with This Morning, Brooke shared a number of details about her junk food addiction and how she’s battled with weight problems the majority of her life. She also revealed how difficult life has been socially, because her peers haven’t always been considerate of her feelings, reports the Daily Star. “I think when I was about six or seven, I was putting it on and not burning it off,” she explained on This Morning.
“I’d eat chips, pizza, not healthy stuff. I’ve spent all of my teenage years [overweight] it’s probably going to go on until I’m 20. This is holding me back from living a normal life. People judge your appearance before they get to know you. I wouldn’t eat lunch in school because I don’t like eating in front of people. I’m worried about what they’ll say.”
She also discussed how she feels the gastric band will be beneficial for her. Although she’s aware the procedure isn’t a “quick fix,” she feels that shrinking her stomach would decrease the amount of food she can consume. The surgery should provide long-term health benefits. However, she also revealed that it may serve as a form of empowerment that could lead to a better social life for her.
“It’s not a quick fix but it will be beneficial in the long run. I’ll start to like the way I look and feel more confident with the way I look and be able to go out and make friends.”

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