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Gastric band surgery

is most likely the majority the most agreeable kind of bariatric surgery carried out in the western World.

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Adjustable Weight Loss Surgery

Once placed around the stomach, tubing connects the lapband® to an access port fixed beneath the skin of your abdomen. This allows the surgeon to change the stoma size by adding or subtracting saline or salt water, inside the inner balloon through the access port. This adjustment process helps determine the rate of weight loss. If the band is too loose and weight loss is inadequate, adding more saline can reduce the size of the stoma to further restrict the amount of food that can move through it. If the band is too tight, the surgeon will remove some saline to loosen the band and reduce the amount of restriction. The diameter of the band can be modified to meet your individual needs, which can change as you lose weight. For example, pregnant patients can expand their band to accommodate a growing fetus, while patients who aren’t experiencing significant weight loss can have their bands tightened.

The lapBand® procedure is the only adjustable weight-loss surgery available in the United States to help maintain restriction and keep the weight off long-term.

Read more: http://www.nwwls.com/lap-band-surgery-procedure-advantages-and-results#ixzz3IQuh4wnA


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