Nurse Loses 112 Pounds after Weight Loss Surgery

Nurse Loses 112 Pounds after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

After weighing over 274 pounds for years, Natalie Thompson, a registered nurse, suffered from severe joint pain. Her pain became so unbearable she even went to a rheumatologist to see if she had an autoimmune disease. “My weight problem hit me right in the face during my appointment with the rheumatologist,” said 35-year-old Natalie Thompson. “I thought she was going to discover that I had some form of arthritis. Instead, the solution was less complicated. She told me that my weight was causing my joint pain and I needed to lose a lot of weight.” And now Natalie’s joint pain is gone after losing 112 pounds in 14 months. Along with encouragement from her family and friends, Natalie committed to the exercise and diet plan and underwent Gastric sleeve gastrectomy surgery Read more…  
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