No Nonsense Guide to Weight Loss

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No Nonsense Guide to Weight Loss

There are more weight loss books than any other kind and most will lead to weight loss. The secret is to DO IT. No matter what you hear, it can happen if you use it. This simple, no nonsense, article will work if you just do it. Killer Sugar · Carbs – Good or Bad · Portions · Exercise 1. Sugar IS a killer. It is also sneaky as it shows up in the least expected places. The simple solution is Do Not Add It to Anything! There is enough sugar in everything you eat. Look at a box of cereal as an example. Most contain 15 or more grams of sugar. Read the labels and keep the sugar grams well below 100 grams per day. 2. Understand that carbs are the “fuel” for the body and are required for life. Is there any such thing as a “good carb?” Yes, is the simple answer, but carbs that come from sugar can be harmful. Fruit contains sugar; however, it is a “complex” carb and your body gets nutrients from it. Sugar that is contained in syrups or raw sugar is “empty” carbs and calories. Whole grain bread and pasta contain carbs, but not the unhealthy ones. Avoid processed foods (lunch meat) as they contain “empty” carbs. 3. We get it all the time – “cut your portions.” My doctor told me to put anything on my plate that I enjoyed, then take half of it and put it on a plate for my wife! It is not rocket science to know that there are more calories, carbs and sugar in eight ounces of food than in four. You will be amazed that if you eat four ounces of food and wait 20 minutes, you will find you are not hungry. If you keep on eating the other 4 ounces, you will still feel full but will be full of calories. 4. Exercise can be a dirty word; however, it can also be a life changer. The exercise gurus will tell you that you have to work out with weights for an hour a day, every day. WRONG! Walking can be one of the best and most beneficial forms of exercise you can do. If you live in a place where walking is safe (not in traffic, or high crime areas), you can enjoy seeing the sights and smelling the aromas of the countryside. Actually, one mile of walking at a rapid rate will burn off over 100 calories. On average, that is about 20 minutes of walking. Stretch it out to half an hour and make it a minimum of three times each week and you will be much healthier and feel much better. Add a 5-pound weight in each hand while walking and you can improve the walking. Burn 2000 calories and you burn a pound of fat. I can hear the screaming of the gurus now… fraud… incompetent… all the adjectives. Prove me wrong, but just try it before you judge. I have tried every diet fad there is. Some worked, some did not, but I gained valuable information from all of them. I have lost over 40 pounds and kept it off for over 5 years. I want to tell you the no nonsense way I did it, so that you can do it too without spending one penny. I have published over 100 E-Zines and written over 25 books. Article Source:


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