New Weight Loss Surgery Study Finds Impressive Health Benefits

New USA Weight Loss Surgery Study Finds Impressive Health Benefits The Los Angeles Times reports that a recent clinical trial found that bariatric surgery did far more to improve symptoms of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol after three years than intensive treatment with drugs alone. This adds to the mounting evidence that bariatric treatment, especially Gastric Sleeve Surgery is a powerful treatment option for sufferers of Type 2 diabetes. According to the leader of the team. The transformation of a patient’s appearance and self-confidence that is provided by successful weight loss treatments like those at BHP has never been in question. However, the results of this recent study illustrate what the expert surgeons at BHP have known for years – that bariatric surgery can also provide profound health benefits that lead to fuller, happier, and longer lives for every patient. Moreover, experts believe these results may encourage insurers to continue to improve Read more…

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