New Celebrity ‘VIP’ Weight Loss Programme launched by The Elite Clinic in Spain

Gastric band surgery isPossibly mainly the most acceptable mode of weight loss surgery completed in the western World.
We offer almost certainly the best priced gastric band cost accessible in Europe and a fast recovery time following surgery. compare best price gastric band surgeryNew Celebrity 'VIP' Weight Loss Programme launched by The Elite Clinic in SpainThe pioneering London team behind the innovative Gastric Mind Band® … Compared to the cost of veneers or a non-surgical face-lift, at just under …See all stories on this topic

“The market has matured a great deal in the ten years since we brought Gastric Mind Band™ to the world,” said Martin Shirran. “We are seeing a new breed of client who places a premium on privacy. Similarly, there are some clients who don’t mind paying more for complete flexibility and freedom around the timing of their clinic appointments.”

The Elite treatment comes with a premium price tag, at just over triple the price of the standard treatment. “Whereas our traditional Gastric Mind Band® procedure is £1,500, the price of our VIP option is £4,950. A number of clients are happy to pay the higher fee to have the freedom to do as they please, and partake of the treatment when it suits.”

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