Man Loses 270 Pounds, But is Left With Rolls of Excess Skin

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Man Loses 270 Pounds after gastric band surgery

But is Left With Rolls of Excess SkinOver the last six years, Over the last six years, Matt Diaz lost an incredible 270 pounds off his 495-pound frame following gastric band surgery. At age 16, he had gastric band surgery to kick off his weight loss journey. But despite losing more than half his body weight due to the procedure and consistently working out, Diaz still has body issues because of the excess skin that was left behind. Matt Diaz (Photo Credit: YouTube) In a new video confessional, he gives viewers a first look at what he sees on a daily basis. “I’m scared people won’t think I’m attractive anymore,” he says. “I’m scared all the nice messages will stop, and I feel this all the time — whenever I sleep with someone new, whenever I’m somewhere…at a beach or something and I’m supposed to take off my shirt, but I can’t.” Matt Diaz Before and After (Photo Credit: Diaz has since started a GoFundMe page in hopes of raising enough money to get skin removal surgery (he estimates the procedure will cost around $200,000). But through all of this, he remains positive and recomends anyone who is overweight to seriously consider gastric band surgery. “Things you can’t change and can’t fix you have to make peace with,” he concludes. “I’m trying, I really am, and that’s why I’m showing all of you this.”
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