Lisa Lampanelli: How I maintain 107-pound weight loss 3 years after surgery

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Comedian Lisa Lampanelli has easily maintained her 107-pound weight loss three years after bariatric gastric sleeve surgery and feels better than ever. Lampanelli said she feels like a new person, thanks to her amazing weight loss transformation.
Comedian Lisa Lampanelli lost 107 pounds after getting bariatric gastric sleeve surgery in 2012. Lampanelli has maintained her 107-pound weight loss for more than 3 years.
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Lisa, 53, said she has to take care of her emotional and psychological well-being to ensure she doesn’t regain all the weight. “I’ve really been working on the emotional and internal issues that made me eat in the first place,” Lampanelli told Huff Post Live June 25. “It’s been a real journey.” Lampanelli, who previously weighed 248 pounds, now weighs a sleek 141 pounds. In an exclusive Examiner interview, Lisa said her 107-pound weight loss gave her a second chance at life. “It’s like a cosmic do-over,” Lampanelli told me. Lisa, who has struggled with weight for most of her adult life, said emotional overeating led her to gain over 100 pounds since age 18. She decided to get bariatric surgery after trying every trendy diet that promised quick weight loss. “From ages 18 to 50, I tried every single diet that came out,” said Lisa. “I even bought a home health spa, but still gained weight,” said Lampanelli. Lisa got gastric sleeve surgery in April 2012 and was amazed after losing 100 pounds in nine months. In gastric sleeve surgery, three-quarters of the stomach is removed to create a small sleeve-shaped stomach, about the size of a banana. As a result, you get full after three or four bites of food and can no longer eat huge portions. Lampanelli: I’ll Always Be An Emotional Over-eater Lisa doesn’t follow a special diet or workout routine, but maintains her weight loss through portion control, an active lifestyle and constant vigilance. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie recently said he’s no longer constantly preoccupied with food after getting lap band surgery in February 2013. But Lampanelli said this isn’t the case for her, because her overeating stems from emotional issues and is not driven solely by physical hunger. As a result, she’s vigilant to keep her emotional binges in check. “It’s important to never stop doing the emotional work to keep the weight off,” Lampanelli told Examiner. “Food addicts use food as medication. For me, the emotional pull of food will always be there.” Lampanelli admits she’s constantly concerned she might regain the weight, so she attends emotional-eating workshops to keep from backsliding. “I worry that I might regain the weight every single day,” Lisa told me. Looking back on her lifelong weight loss struggles — and now, triumph — Lisa is thrilled with her improved health and her new lease on life. “I feel like I get to be 18 again,” said Lampanelli. Other celebrities who have dramatic amounts of weight following weight loss surgery include Chef Graham Elliot, who lost 155 pounds after gastric sleeve surgery, and Magic Johnson’s son, EJ Johnson, who lost more than 100 pounds after gastric sleeve. Read more…

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