Lap Band v. Gastric Sleeve: Whichever Wins, We Lose (Weight)

Gastric Band v. Gastric Sleeve: Whichever Wins, We Lose (Weight) This has led to many people wondering what the difference is when discussing gastric band vs. gastric sleeve surgery.. Verus As obesity has become an increasingly serious issue in recent years, many people have come to call on lap band surgeon Michael Feiz, MD, FACS for bariatric procedures. Yet, upon their initial consultation at Dr. Feiz and Associates, some are surprised to find Dr. Feiz recommend sleeve in a sleeve gastrectomy, the stomach is surgically narrowed to reduce its capacity, wherein lap band involves placing an inflatable band around the upper stomach, limiting the amount of food that can be ingested. Both procedures necessitate dietary changes once the procedure is complete – which is usually easier than a patient might expect, because both treatments will lead a person to feel full and satisfied after consuming a much smaller portion than usual. With sleeve gastrectomy, this is particularly true, because the treatment involves removal of the part of the stomach that contains ghrelin – the so-called “hunger hormone” that is responsible for intense feelings of hunger. Read more: Read more…

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