Lap band surgery in Michigan ? In France its Lower Cost

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Gastric Band Surgery

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Adjustable Gastric band surgery in Michigan

The LAP-BAND System is also the only adjustable weight loss surgery available in the USA. Oakwood Healthcare is located in Wayne County, Michigan (MI) Since its clinical introduction in Europe, in 1993, more than 100,000 adjustable gastric Band procedures have been performed around the world. In the United States, the FDA approved the Lap-Band procedure in 2001. The LAP-BAND System is also the only adjustable gastric band surgery available in the United States. The diameter of the band is adjustable to meet your individual needs, which can change as you lose weight. For example, pregnant patients can expand their band to accommodate a growing fetus, while patients who aren’t experiencing significant weight loss can have their bands tightened The most appealing feature of the Lap-Band is the ability to adjust it without additional surgery, allowing a proper fit for every patient, allowing for proper weight loss. A fitted band is the key to successful weight loss. The band, which is placed around the top portion of the stomach, induces weight loss by creating a smaller stomach pouch, which restricts the amount of food that can be eaten at any one time. By adjusting the band the surgeon can adjust the size of the pouch outlet for each patient. Read more…   facebook like banner

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