Lap Band Surgery and Commitment to a New Healthier You

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Gastric Band Surgery and Commitment to a New Healthier You

Are you one of those who have already tried every non-surgical method out there, like exercise and diet, to take off your excess weight? Or has a family member or friend done the same only to be frustrated with the results? Then you might want to ask your healthcare provider if you can undergo a lap band surgery. Bariatric surgery is recommended by a lap band surgery specialist for individuals who have a Body Mass index of 35 and above, accompanied with severe morbidity issues like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and hypertension. In case you haven’t heard about lap band surgery, this is an operation performed through a laparoscope. This is a surgical instrument that sends an image of the stomach to a video screen. A gastric band is inserted that enfolds the upper section of the stomach; hence the size of the digestive organ is extensively reduced. Thereafter, the patient eventually loses weight because of the reduced food intake. Compared to other surgical methods, laparoscopic surgery, also known as gastric banding, is preferred as the patient has less scars, relatively less bleeding, and the healing process is faster. Success rate is higher as well, as already proven by research. There are no surgical staples used in the lap band surgery and no rerouting of intestines, therefore, this method does not interfere with nutrient-absorption from food. The inserted gastric bands can be moved and is also reversible. When completely inflated, the band which holds a saline solution gives pressure to the stomach. This helps food from going to the lower section of the organ. The right amount of restriction is achieved after several follow-up checkups with the lap band surgeon. There are numerous positive testimonies about this procedure. Patients discovered that they have a better outlook with themselves: feeling better and gaining more self-onfidence. What’s more, it has been proven by research that patients who undergo this kind of operation have fewer chances of dying from diabetes, heart, and cardiovascular problems in contrast to individuals who are obese and did not undergo lap band surgery. A permanent lifestyle change is a must for the surgery to be effective. A commitment to have balanced healthy diet and regular exercise will gradually result to great improvements. Sticking closely to the doctor’s advice will truly make the surgery a personal success for the patient. Destructive eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle should be seriously eliminated. Don’t fall to the trap of saying to yourself, “OK, I can do this”, only to find yourself back into your old lifestyle. Be committed to achieve that healthy body you have been longing for. Seek support from your family and friends; they can be part of your support team along with your doctor.
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