Josie Cunningham on gastric-band patients shouldn’t get NHS help

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Josie Cunningham has revealed that she doesn’t think obese people should get a gastric band on the NHS

The mum-of-three spoke to Mirror Celeb as she promoted her documentary,  ‘Josie Cunningham: The Most Hated Woman In Britain’. Despite receiving a boob job off the NHS, Josie thinks that those suffering from obesity shouldn’t be treated with gastric band surgery. The 24-year-old fears that people will purposely reach dangerous levels of obesity in order to receive the expensive treatment. She said: “Fat people that sit and stuff their face, and be told they’re three stone too light for a gastric band, rather than go home and lose weight themselves, they’ll go home and put it on just to get a gastric band on the NHS.” The aspiring glamour model also revealed that she once had very different career ambitions. Josie told The Mirror: “When I was younger, from my teenage years anyway, I did want to do glamour work and topless work. And before that I wanted to become an archaeologist.”  

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