Is ‘Balloon Pill’ a Weight-Loss Miracle Cure or Short-Term Fix?

The Gastric balloon pill

Gastric balloon banner 800x150_banner

Gastric balloon banner 800x150_banner

A controversial device called the Obalon gastric balloon Pill.

The gastric balloon pill, or capsule as it should be more correctly named, is attached to a catheter that allows doctors to inflate the balloon once the capsule is swallowed.

Once swallowed, the capsules enters the stomach, once the surgeon is satisfied that the Capsule is located correctly within the patients stomach using X-ray scans, the Doctors will use nitrogen gas to inflate it into a small balloon, making the patient feel full immediately. The inflated Balloon remains in situ for 30 days at a time, until it is removed by a doctor via endoscopy. Over the course of a 90-day treatment, two more balloons can be added. The Obalon Gastric balloon pill comes with strict guidelines. Patients can’t eat solid foods for the first three days and need to work out 90 minutes a day. Once patients start eating food, they won’t be able to eat more than a small meal per day. Read more…     facebook like banner

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