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Often times, we find inspiration from the actions of others. If someone else has a big accomplishment it makes us feel more optimistic about our own future. If they can be successful then so can we, right? This is especially true when it comes to weight loss and fitness. Seeing the results of a person’s fat loss or increase in muscle mass is raw motivation. It can easily cause us to change our lifestyle and ditch bad habits. But, in too many cases those changes are temporary. How do we avoid the urge to quit? I made a huge discovery when attempting to slim down. All of the motivational photos and videos I had previously watched could only carry me so far. While it felt good to see others succeed, those feelings paled in comparison to witnessing my own transformation. I still remember my first ten pound loss. I was grossly overweight and even after that reduction, I was still obese. But, seeing with my own eyes that fat loss was possible excited me beyond belief. The disappearance of those few pounds was more powerful than a thousand testimonials. That moment taught me a valuable lesson. If I wanted to have genuine, long-lasting success then I needed to have more faith in myself. I had to place increased value on my own accomplishments instead of the triumphs of others. Sure, it’s great when someone else reaches a goal. If a friend or loved one makes a positive change in their life then it’s worth celebrating. However, those events can’t be the main source of my own motivation. That exposes me to too much risk. If they succeed then I’ll feel great, but if they fail I’ll suffer along with them. If I have nothing to fall back on then it could halt my progress and set me back. I now place a majority portion of my emotional investment into my own accomplishments. I certainly don’t ignore what others are doing, but I no longer depend on them to give myself a clear view of my own future. This change has allowed me to lose a lot more than just ten pounds. At one time I was well over three-hundred pounds in weight. To date, I’ve dropped almost one-hundred of those pounds and have every intention of shaving off a few more. And I know I can do it because my previous accomplishments inspire me everyday.
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