In Home Personal Training: Why Your At Home Workout Can Be Your Most Powerful Weight Loss Tool

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In Home Personal Training to Avoid the need for Weight Loss Surgery: Why Your At Home Workout Can Be Your Most Powerful Weight Loss Tool There are an infinite number of reasons to exercise – the truth is exercise and physical activity are at the center of both emotional and physical health. Yet we know from many studies that physical inactivity has taken over smoking as the #1 lifestyle killer. Desk jobs, drive throughs, 700 television stations, computer games all of these have contributed to our obesity and chronic illness epidemic. As kids,we were told “go outside and play”. Now that means go play with your iPhone, text, games, Google… childhood obesity? We are very efficiently finding ways to minimize, if not eliminate, the physical activity that every aspect of our being craves, thereby becoming masters of incubating chronic disease. We need to be more about the ways to avoid the need for weight loss surgery Read more…

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