How to Burn Belly Fat After 40

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How to Burn Belly Fat After 40

Body fat is essential for your health and well-being. Fat has an extremely crucial role in hormonal balance, immunity, reproduction, thermal insulation, shock absorption and storage of food energy for use in the lean periods. However, excessive consumption of food and sedentary lifestyle may lead to excessive deposition of body fat. Excess fat is generally measured by body mass index (total weight divided by the square of your height). If the body mass index ranges 25 – 30, a person is considered overweight, while more than 30 is a clear indication of obesity. It has been proven that excess weight and obesity is linked to several health complications like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some types of cancer. Even a leaner person may have excess body fat. The distribution of fat is more important than the body mass index ratio. Excessive fat deposition over your body organs will make you suffer from obesity-related health complications, even though you may have a lean body. Unfortunately, many people face excessive fat deposition over the belly areas. Most of our organs are located around the abdomen, and so fat deposition over the belly areas causes excessive fat over the organs and interferes with their normal functioning. If your waist size is more than 40″ (35 for women), then it is evident that you have accumulated too much fat around your belly areas. A ‘D’ shaped body is mainly caused by the visceral fat (a deeper layer of fat) and this is the reason why burning belly fat is more difficult. Although the role of your genes cannot be ruled out, the health experts believe that visceral fat is the direct outcome of a sedentary lifestyle. Physical activity and exercises are very crucial for burning your excess fat over the belly areas. If you want to regain your flat abs, you have to follow at least 30 minutes exercise schedule for five days a week. It’s not necessary to join a gym for burning your belly fat. You can simply jog to a lean and healthy body. Any kinds of moderate activity will prevent any further deposition of visceral fat, but vigorous workouts are required for burning your belly fat. However, persistence is the key to your success. You must understand that burning belly fat will take time and you will achieve a perceptible difference after four or six weeks. Diet is the next aspect of your plan to regain a fabulous body. If you keep on stuffing your body with fatty delicacies and sugary beverages, your exercise may not be sufficient to burn the excess food energy intake. Make sure to consult a health expert or research over the Internet for preparing your diet plan. As we all know, a balanced diet is necessary for your health and well-being. Consider fiber-rich fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet. It has been observed that fiber-rich diet can be very instrumental in preventing the excessive buildup of visceral fat. Stress management is very helpful in burning excess fat. Stress is part of our work and life, but if you know the skills of managing your stress level, your quality of sleep will improve and you will be less likely to build visceral fat. Exercises in combination with some kind of meditation or relaxing techniques (playing with kids, mingling with the family, etc.) will go a long way in controlling the fat deposition over the belly areas. Exercises will really make the difference.
Unfortunately, belly fat generally appears after the 30s when the responsibilities of raising children, taking care of the family and meeting the challenges at work hardly allow any time for exercises that are meant for burning fat. Some people are not prepared to incorporate vigorous workouts in their busy schedule. Natural fat burning pills are the best option for such people. If you are unable to follow a vigorous exercise schedule due to any reasons, you can rely on supplements that are designed to boost your metabolism and burn extra fat. Natural fat burning pills in combination with certain belly fat burning exercises will improve your overall results. You will regain your flat abs more easily and quickly.
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