Hello I am new and having a gastric Sleeve operation

Gastric Lap Band surgery

most likely the most common type of obesity surgery carried out in the western World. We are pleased to offer the lowest priced gastric band cost to be had in Europe and a fast recovery time following surgery.
Gastric Sleeve Surgery in France

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in France

Best Price gastric sleeve surgery

Hello I am new! posted in Tell Your Gastric Sleeve Surgery Story: Saw my surgeon today. Dr Reza Adib from Weight Loss Solutions at Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast of Queensland Australia. I currently have a Gastric Band and it was my best friend for six years until the dreaded. menopause hit me. After being at my ideal weight for many years suddenly I could not stop eating sweet foods especially chocolate. Bippity Bobbity Boom I had put on 15 kg. !!!! On Thesday 23 Dec 14 I will be having my gastric Band Removed and on 23,March 15 I will be getting my gastric Sleeve as the body needs 3 months to recover from the removal of the Band. Read more…   facebook like banner