Heartbreaking photos show man’s final years

Gastric band surgery

The most customary type of bariatric surgery carried out in the western World. We offer probably the lowest priced gastric band cost accessible in Europe and a fast recovery time following surgery. Finance for Surgery, medical loans and weight loss surgery loans Last month, Keith Martin, officially the world’s fattest man, died at just 44 years old. The bed-bound Londoner died eight months after a gastric sleeve was fitted, after previously consuming a staggering 20,000 calories a day. The surgeon who fitted his gastric sleeve Kesava Mannur called on the UK government to impose a fast-food tax to help protect the morbidly obese. For Martin, the problems ran far deeper and his weight was more than just a food issue. He told a TV documentary before he died that he had suffered from depression and anxiety since losing his mother as a teenager and that his weight ballooned after he became seriously depressed in his twenties. Unfortunately Garcia and Martin’s stories are far from unique, with obesity cited as a major world health issue. Australia has one of the highest rates of obesity in the world with 63 per cent of adults and one in four children being overweight or obese, recent figures cited by AAP reveal. It comes as the Consumers Health Forum, Heart Foundation, Obesity Policy Coalition and Public Health Association of Australia called for a tax on sugary drinks to help improve childhood health and stem the cost of obesity, which is estimated at $56 billion a year. The four health organisations have this week urged the federal government to launch a national obesity strategy to tackle the growing crisis, revealing a recent survey of 1016 people found 85 per cent believe unhealthy eating habits are now a major problem for Australian children. Originally published as Heartbreaking photos show man’s final years Read more…

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