Heading For Carbohydrate Rehab

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Heading For Carbohydrate Rehab

I have been successfully living a low carb higher fat lifestyle for the past 18 months. But recently I took a two week holiday into carb paradise, or hell depending on your opinion. The problem with being on any programme for a long time is that you start to forget about the benefits. So after a couple of days of reasonably successful resistance I gave into the lure of a high carb diet. Rather than see it as a failure I decided to test the effect it would have on me. I ate pasta, rice, potatoes and I have to admit to chocolate éclair’s, Belgium chocolate and various pastries. It was a test after all so I felt a responsibility to do it properly. I felt kind of bad and at times I even questioned my belief in the low carb lifestyle. But I set an end date, which was when my flight arrived home, and I took careful notes on how I felt.
So what happened?
Firstly I got a cold, my first in 18 months, could have been a coincidence, but then again! I wasn’t doing my normal mount of exercise, but in spite of that my knee pain was at times worse than when I am training hard. My scalp became itchy and flaky. Sorry but full disclosure is required, and importantly I felt emotionally flat. My wife even commented that I didn’t seem my usual smiling self. This was strange, but in spite of having a fun holiday in great locations, I did feel kind of flat. I have been back for four days now and I am having to fight off my sugar cravings. I know they will go in another few days but its very annoying. So that was just two weeks back on the carbs, and to me the effect was profound, but more importantly it confirmed my belief in eating low carb.I see the two weeks as very tasty, but this experiment has deepened my beliefs in eating a low carb diet. Everyone will have their own experience when they cut out sugars, grains and processed foods from their diet. Each of us is an experiment of one. You may not like the idea of quitting sugar but the benefits are profound for your short-term health, but even more importantly for the long run. Maybe I will cut loose in another couple of years, but next time I think I will just cheat a little. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9757155 Read more…

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