Ghrelin Steps into the Spotlight as Lap Band vs Sleeve Gastrectomy Question Rages On

Ghrelin Steps into Spotlight as Gastric band vs Gastric Sleeve Question Rages On.

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In our celebrity centric-world, it often feels as if nothing is really real until someone famous talks about it. That’s why leading bariatric surgeon Dr. Michael Feiz is delighted that comedian Rosie O’Donnell has referred to a formerly little known hunger hormone which is increasingly figuring in the lap-band Vs Gastric sleeve gastrectomy choice faced by weight loss patients. As a master not only of lap band and gastric sleeve procedures but also delicate lap- band to gastric sleeve, Dr. Feiz has been at forefront of spotlighting the role of ghrelin. A dramatic reduction in the body’s production of the hormone may largely account for the success of the gastric sleeve and also as an initial procedure.

Mr Khatu,39, said: “After the op, we saw a change in his sleep almost immediately. It makes me very happy that my son is getting his life back.

“He still has a craving for sweets, so we make him share his food, that way he’s having what he wants but only half the actual portion.”

Weight-loss surgery on children is considered only in rare and life-threatening cases.

Prada-Willi syndrome causes sufferers to constantly crave food, have reduced muscle tone, restricted growth and often extreme behavioural problems.

It is an extremely rare condition with about only one in every 15,000 children being diagnosed with it.

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