Ghrelin Steps into the Spotlight as Lap Band vs Sleeve Gastrectomy Question Rages On

Ghrelin Steps into Spotlight as Lap Band vs Gastric Sleeve Question Rages On.

Compare Gastric band and gastric sleeve procedures,

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There’s a good chance you’ve experienced the ghrelin effect yourself. If you’ve ever tried to loose even a few pounds, you might have noticed that, the more weight you lost, the hungrier you seemed to feel. Dr. Feiz and other experts point out that this is an example of ghrelin production in the body going into overdrive to encourage you to eat. A weight loss in centuries past indicated the possibility of a famine. Under those circumstances, being extra motivated to find food probably aided an individual’s chances of survival. Today, however, with high calorie food being cheaper and easier to obtain than ever before in human history, and obesity devastating lives with a greatly increased risk of heart attacks and strokes, the situation is could not be more different. Click Here to See all stories on this topic:  

FAT SHOCK: Boy, 4, gets gastric band and is world’s youngest weight-loss patient

The drastic surgery had the same effect as a gastric bypass meaning Rishi can now only stomach tiny portions of food at any one sitting following this gastric bypass surgery Read more…         facebook like banner

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